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We help believers in Christ throw off doubt and live in the certainty that their lives are ordained by God, and that He’s leading them every single day.


Produced by author and international speaker Dr. Bill Greenman, Your Prophetic Kingdom Blueprint video course will guide you for a lifetime!

All topics are Bible based and Kingdom focused.



Available Now!

From no more wondering if you heard God's voice, to discovering who you are, to a written plan for your life, to the confidence it brings, this course takes you step-by-step to finding your Blueprint. 


Click this link: The Blueprint  now to check out all  7 sections and watch the First Lesson FREE!



Our Vision is to place the Kingdom Blueprint curriculum into every Christian High School in the world by December 2026!

BIG IDEA #1:  Take our 40 years of proven teaching and research on personal purpose and turn them into multiple online video courses.


BIG IDEA #2:  Make those video courses available for purchase to EVERY Christian high school, training school, and youth organization around the world in multiple languages.


BIG IDEA #3: Partner with established ministries, as well as educational and civic organizations to market the courses globally.


BIG IDEA #4: Create an Affiliate program to help us quickly and efficiently distribute our courses and materials worldwide while paying our affiliates for their service. (Please click this link: Advocates for more information.)

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