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President, Global Purpose Strategies

Dr. Bill Greenman is one of the world's leading authorities on helping people find and fulfill their specific life Blueprint. With over 40 years of teaching and imparting the understanding and practical principles of personal purpose, his books, seminars, and materials are taught in Bible schools, churches, youth organizations, high schools, and universities around the world. His own unique history is a testimony to the effectiveness of those principles.


Bill graduated from Florida State University with a degree in speech communications in 1976. Three of his university years included performing as a member of FSU's famous Flying High Circus. After graduation Bill immediately entered into the professional circus world with his wife Meg as trapeze artists and acrobats. But after a disappointing initial season of performing and a disastrous auto accident, the Greenmans ended their short professional circus careers to seek the Lord’s will for their lives. One year later they combined their circus skills with an all-consuming desire to share the good news of Jesus Christ and began Circus Alleluia Ministries (CAM).

Over the ensuing 11 years Bill directed CAM’s many outreaches, training over 60 volunteers in circus and ministry. This included taking the circus into prisons, juvenile detention centers, public and private schools, college and university campuses, civic auditoriums, and Christian festivals across the eastern half of the US and Canada. Circus Alleluia was also featured on the CBN 700 Club, along with a multitude of local and regional interviews on TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines. That decade of ministry saw tens of thousands of people won to Christ and was a catalyst for the birthing of many other ministries inspired by CAM's unique approach to evangelism.

In 1986 Bill wrote his first book, How To Find Your Purpose In Life, which outlined the very principles and techniques he used to find and begin to live his own Kingdom Blueprint of ministry. Soon testimonies poured in from around the world from those whose lives had been changed by his book. Over the next decade that book was reprinted, seminars of the same name were begun, and Purpose International Ministries was born in 1999. More books were written, courses created, and a teaching base was established in Kenya, Africa in 2007. Today well over one million students in high schools and universities across Kenya have heard the Kingdom Blueprint message live in classrooms, as well as on radio, with enduring results.

Bill continues to travel teaching the life changing message of personal purpose in conferences, on TV, with social media, and in churches. His life is proof that God has a great plan for you and you can find it and you can fulfill it with confidence, faith, and joy.


In the autumn of 2020 the name of the ministry was changed from Purpose International to Global Purpose Strategies to better describe the new focus of taking the message of the Kingdom Blueprint to the world through every possible media, on all continents, for all ages, but with a focus on youth age 16 and up.

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Booking Dr. Greenman

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