Trade Confusion for Clarity,
        Frustration for Focus
        Doubt for Confidence
Girl by the Sea

"We all want to live a life that matters.".


"We want to do the work we were created for, that will bring us joy.


The good news is - you can!

How do I know?


Because just like you I felt frustrated and confused - not knowing why I was on the planet.


Then I found the Blueprint that revealed my purpose and gave me a destiny I’ve been living out with amazing achievements ever since."


Dr. Bill Greenman


We call it the PURPOSE BLUEPRINT*:  

A  proven method we've used world-wide for over 40 years to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

  • No more fear of missing the life God meant for you.

  • No more pain of an aimless existence.

  • No more wondering who you might have been.

In Course 1 - Self Discovery of the Purpose Blueprint you'll learn how to:

  • Discover your unique, God-given Purpose.

  • Plan the Destiny your Purpose will create.

  • Engage the amazing gifts and qualities God put within   you for the journey. 

  • Enjoy the fulfillment that comes with achieving your Divine dreams.

  • And so much more!


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"I was wondering about the dream I wanted to live - if it was possible. Then I took this course and I’ve gained so much more confidence than when I started it. I’ve learned how to plan and focus better on my dream. And I'd definitely recommend this to anyone struggling to find their purpose".



"I didn't feel prepared for my future before I took this course. I’m really glad I took this course – now I actually feel prepared for my future. I have a set of plans now, and I can look back on my workbook to help me when I need it."



"I was pretty full of doubt about myself. But now I feel I can succeed at anything! Since going through Dr. Bill's course I have a lot better understanding of what my purpose looks like and how to live it out."



"I needed help with focus for school and what I wanted to do in my life. I feel more confident in my self since taking Dr. Greenman’s course. It has given me the basic building blocks to work with in my life and taught me how to control my own life in a positive way."



Leaders Agree:


One of the books that rocked my world was “Purpose Destiny Achievement,” by Dr. Bill Greenman. The quotes, the mission, and the practical action steps became the launching pad for the most incredible days of my life - the mobilization of a prayer and fasting youth movement that culminated at The Call DC in September of 2000 and has grown internationally ever since. 

Lou Engle

Founder of The Call & Lou Engle Ministries

Colorado Springs, CO USA


William Greenman's teachings on Purpose, Destiny, and Achievement provide practical, time-tested principles to help you capture your personal purpose for living. In his crisp, provocative style, he simplifies the complex, making it easy to understand the nature of destiny. I challenge you to follow his teachings and keep those principles as companions to your life. They are the tools you need to fix the confusion that comes with living in a world without meaning. 

The Late Dr. Myles Munroe

Founder, Bahamas Faith Ministries

Nasssau, Bahamas

I have known and ministered with Dr. Bill Greenman for over 30 years and I can tell you that he lives this message of personal purpose. Bill brilliantly and pragmatically teaches us many of the keys of the Kingdom which become our blue prints to follow for the rest of our lives. 

Dr. James Goll

President, God Encounters Ministries

Franklin, TN USA


Dr. Greenman is a man of integrity with eyes focused on loving God with all his heart. His works will prove helpful to anyone who feels aimless and desperately in need of a clearer focus in their lives.

Mike Bickle 

Founder, International House of Prayer

Kansas City, MO USA

I’ve known Dr. Greenman and his teachings on Kingdom Purpose & Destiny for over 40 years. He has tackled one of the greatest dilemmas and struggles of our human experience – Why are we here? He has set many, many thousands free with his simple yet profound teachings and I highly recommend all of his materials.

Dr. Douglas Wingate

President, Life Christian University

Tampa, FL USA 

One of the books that greatly impacted my ministry life was, “How To Find Your Purpose In Life,” by Bill Greenman. I devoured it, taught it to my children, and used its principles as foundation stones for my own ministry. 

Dr. Lance Wallnau

Lance Learning Group

Keller, TX, USA

Nobody equips you for your purpose with greater clarity and effectiveness than Bill Greenman. What I love is that he has proven his process over several decades in high school and college campuses, with homeschoolers, CEOs, and stay at home moms. What God has given Bill absolutely works!
Jim Baker

Founder of Wealth With God
Pastor of Zion Christian Fellowship Columbus OH





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