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Purpose Destiny Achievement is our University Course and also for our stand alone Destiny Planner. This supplies a practical in depth study of how to find, fund, and fulfill your personal purpose and destiny that God has planned for you. Each chapter is filled with step-by-step instructions that take you from learning how to hear and confirm the leading of the Lord, to writing a life mission statement, goal setting, long range planning and finding mentors and becoming a mentor to others on this same journey.

The Student Course Outline contains all of the course outlines and exercises – plus a full set of the worksheets found in our Destiny Planner! Each classroom and homework assignment takes you through the PDA textbook chapter by chapter. Your final grade can be heavily based on the completion of the worksheets within the Course Outline & Destiny Planner, if your institution so desires.

The Instructors Manual & Course Outline contains all of the lesson plans for each session – including times for each exercise and break. There are suggested music cues and other items to help each student receive in their most appropriate learning mode. Also included are all of the in-class Drills and Homework assignments, as well as the full Destiny Planner. This is a very interactive course and this manual will help the instructor create an atmosphere where students will look forward to each sessions activities.

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